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Accountants In Bethnal Green

Accountants In East London Welcome to the Website of Charles Luf & Co. We are a UK firm of Chartered Certified Accountants located in Bethnal Green. Our firm provides a wide range of services in the areas of Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and General business advising of businesses and individuals. Every business needs the right support [...] Read more

Corporate Finance

The future direction of your business requires expert advise. You will be better off if you employ the assistance of our team of expert accountants in east London, You could be involved in the following : Selling your business: We can get you a price that would exceed your expectations and you will enjoy the [...] Read more

Accounting & Accounts preparation In East London

Accounting & Accounts preparation In East London Accounts preparation is part of our day to day activities. From our base in East London we provide a wide range of accounting work and Accountancy services to clients in various Locations. With the current regime of filing deadlines and penalties, timely service has become all the more [...] Read more

Taxation Accounting In East London

Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance Every business must prepare tax computations based on their annual accounts; these must be filled with the tax authorities when Tax Returns are submitted. The computations can reduce your business’ corporation tax liability by including tax relief for all the relevant expenses and capital expenditure. Read more


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