Accounting & Accounts preparation In East London

Accounting & Accounts preparation In East London

Accounts preparation is part of our day to day activities. From our base in East London we provide a wide range of accounting work and Accountancy services to clients in various Locations. With the current regime of filing deadlines and penalties, timely service has become all the more important. We pride ourselves in getting our clients’ accounts completed on time, well before their filing deadline.

Some consider historical accounts as history and only useful for satisfying statutory obligations. We however believe that past performance can be a vital tool in planning for the future and can be used to assess areas of a business that require most attention. Using the latest computing systems we will prepare your accounts promptly and efficiently. We will then provide you with a clear explanation of your accounts and tax situation to ensure that you have a full understanding of the figures prepared for you.

We are Registered Auditors and authorized to carry out Audit work by the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. In addition to accounts preparation, we are also able to carry out audit work for Limited Liability Companies and specialist entities such as Solicitors, Travel Agents and Registered Charities.


Corporate Finance

The future direction of your business requires expert advise. You will be better off if you employ the assistance of our team of expert accountants in east London,

You could be involved in the following :

Selling your business: We can get you a price that would exceed your expectations and you will enjoy the flexible nature of our approach with high level of structured and detail planning.
A new starter: We do give and provide sound advise for you to own your own business. To some this is far, but to us we can make it a reality.

We can advise you if you are a Director of a company you lead, to secure control of the company or to make a controlling interest in it.

Private Company Disposal is our forte, we will ensure you benefit from our research helpdesk in this area.
Most businesses need money in order to get started. Later, funds will be required to allow the business to grow and fulfill its potential. Typically you will have used bank overdraft and loan facilities, but it is difficult for a new and growing business to raise additional finance without putting up personal assets as collateral. Even then, security alone is not enough – your bank will also want clear evidence that the business will be able to make the necessary repayments.

We can help you to provide that evidence by preparing monthly or quarterly management accounts Additionally, through our network of close professional contacts we can assist you to obtain other forms of finance, including:


Hire purchase and profesional loans
Sales invoice factoring and discounting
Leasing and contract hire·
Bank Introductions.

Raising finance for a business is not easy, but there are many different approaches that can be tried. We can help you to find the money that you need and ensure that it is provided in a form which is suitable and cost-effective for your circumstances.

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